Acralic painting

The Transcendental Love

Radha and Krishna are the symbol of transcendental love. They are also one of the most favorite themes of Indian paintings. The forms and charms of this divine duo are aesthetically delineated in this visual. The world disappeared when they were together. Radha’s love was so pure that you cannot say Radha without thinking of Krishna. They were one entity. Any picture of Krishna is not complete without Radha. Their love is that undying flame that will continue to burn. Just so beautiful, just so alluring.

Krishna and Radha’s story happened only in Vrindavan.  When Krishna left Vrindavan he gave his flute to her and never came back.  After that, Krishna never met Radha again nor did he play his flute.Thus He made sure that She constantly got the spiritual experience of Absoluteness

Krishna did not marry Radha “because it is the highest form of love, according to Vedic scriptures.

This legend is wonderfully brought alive in the visual.

Acralic painting

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